Eagle X-ray

EAGLE Product Inspection X-ray systems are a real force of nature! Each system instinctively focuses on the heart of each product, evaluating and identifying hazardous contaminants such as metal, glass, stone and bone.

An EAGLE X-ray System installed into your process provides the assurance that you meet today’s HACCP requirements and that your reputation, your brands and your customers are all well protected. But looking beyond contaminant detection, our world-class product inspection systems deliver so much more, including checkweighing, compartmental fill level evaluation and fat analysis; each piece of innovation designed to provide the benefits of increased productivity and reduced potential contamination or product loss from non-conforming processes.

We are the premium food safety inspection leaders, with a large global install base supported by a world-class service organization. We have the most complete range of equipment in the industry and we continue to build our solutions by listening to our customers.

In today’s markets, you need more than standard Product Inspection. You need a technology that lets you see the bigger picture. With an EAGLE Product Inspection X-ray system, nothing is designed to see it better.