Gea Smartpacker med ultraljud

The GEA Zero Reject Sealing System guarantees an airtight seal even if contaminants are present in the seal area.

The Ultrasone sealing kit uses ultrasonic vibration rather than thermal energy to seal the bags, and this means it is unaffected by moisture, salad or cheese particles in the sealing area. It is extremely reliable and energy efficient, using cold tools that press the tubular bag together for sealing. Very high frequency vibration then literally weld the film together at a molecular level, producing excellent quality seal seams very quickly. The moisture of contamination is literally shaken away.


Packaging rejects are down to almost zero, increasing the output and yield as well as reducing manpower requirements for quality inspection. Film material usage is optimized as fewer bags are rejected, and each bag requires 10 mm less film than a conventional heat seal. And since leaking bags in transport can result in a whole batch being returned, the customer recall rate is reduced